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Purists may argue it is impossible to improve on the classics but renowned software supplier Playtech proved them wrong with its 2018 release Dragon Jackpot Roulette. This aesthetically superior game offers a bonus bet feature with enhanced payouts of up to 743 times the triggering wager.

But the main attraction here is the four-tiered progressive jackpot that awards prizes exceeding the seven-figure mark. This unique variation is beautifully designed and visually takes its cue from the Chinese aesthetic tradition. Oriental music plays in the background to further complement the Asian theme and feel of the game.

Game Provider: Playtech Release Date: 2018
Wheel Type: Single Zero Wheel Number: 1
Ball Number: 1 Chip Values: 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100
Bet Range: 0.10 - 10000 Max Payout: 744x
Racetrack: Yes Side Bets: Yes
Autoplay: Yes Quick Spin: No
Progressive Jackpot: Yes House Edge: 2.68%

Interface and Gameplay

Dragon Jackpot Roulette uses a masterfully rendered single-zero wheel with a golden dragon engraved in the center. The outer rim of the wheel was designed to look as if covered in a snakeskin lining. Both the layout and the wheel are set against a scarlet background that perfectly fits the game’s oriental theme.

Players can track the current values of the four progressive jackpots in the jackpot meters sitting above the spinning wheel. A closeup of the last winning number is shown on the left side. The history panel is positioned on the right side, listing the outcomes of the last twenty rounds.

To activate the Dragon Bonus feature, you must click on the golden button in the lower left corner. Then you can cover up to twelve numbers on the layout with the Dragon Bonus symbol and place chips on each bonus grid. The two-stage wheel game triggers if the ball lands on a golden bonus box on the next spin.

The bonus wheel contains an inner and outer segment. The outer segment can double your win multipliers or add two extra pointers to the inner segment, which contains multiplier values ranging from 6x to 20x. Players are entitled to a maximum of three respins during the bonus game.

Last but not least, you must click on the Dragon Jackpot grid on the layout to qualify for a progressive prize. The jackpot meters above the wheel will light up and your total wager will increase by 1%. A portion of each bet you make will contribute to the four growing jackpots.

Paytable and Limits of Supported Bets

The variation plays like standard single-zero roulette when the Dragon Bonus and the Dragon Jackpot are deactivated, in which case straight bets award the highest possible prize of 35 to 1. With the Dragon Bonus turned on, lucky players can anticipate enhanced payouts of up to 743 to 1 during the feature.

It is worth pointing out that placing a golden bonus token on a number cancels the base payouts for that number when you enter the bonus game. For instance, if you place a straight wager and a bonus token on 13 and the ball lands on this number, you will unlock the bonus game but will not earn 35 times your bet for winning straight up on 13.

The Dragon Jackpot comprises four progressive prizes that grow with each wager players make. It can drop randomly on any spin, even a losing one. The jackpot game involves another wheel with ten sectors. Each sector contains a colored symbol that corresponds to one of the four progressive prizes.

You must spin the wheel and collect three symbols of the same color to grab a jackpot. Minimum bets increase from $0.10 to $1 when the Dragon Jackpot is activated. When you place multiple wagers, their total value should not exceed the maximum table limit of $10,000 per round.

Bet Type Payout Bet Limits
Dragon Bonus Bet 5 to 1 – 743 to 1 $0.10 – $100
Straight Up 35 to 1 $0.10 – $100
Split 17 to 1 $0.10 – $200
Street 11 to 1 $0.10 – $300
Corner 8 to 1 $0.10 – $400
Double Street 5 to 1 $0.50 – $600
Column/Dozen 2 to 1 $1.00 – $1,000
Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low 1 to 1 $0.10 – $1,000
Neighbors 35 to 1 $0.10 – $100
Voisins du Zéro 17 to 1; 11 to 1; 8 to 1/td>

$0.10 – $200; $0.10 – $300; $0.10 – $400
Tiers du Cylindre 17 to 1 $0.10 – $200
Neighbors 35 to 1 $0.10 – $100
Orphelins 17 to 1; 35 to 1 $0.10 – $200; $0.10 – $100

In-Game Features

Playtech developers have built several in-game features into Dragon Jackpot Roulette that can help you tailor your gaming experience to your individual needs. Call bettors have access to a dedicated racetrack where they can place multi-chip wagers like voisins, tiers, orphelins, and neighbors.

You can bet on up to five neighbors on each side of your chosen number. When placing special bets, the software will automatically cover the corresponding positions on the layout with chips in your preferred denomination.

The Autoplay function makes it possible to play between 10 and 90 uninterrupted rounds at a predetermined bet value. You can turn it on by holding the spin button after you have posted chips on the layout. Another option is to adjust the settings so that the Autoplay deactivates by itself after the Dragon Bonus or the Dragon Jackpot are triggered.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette Return to Player

The RTP in this Oriental-themed roulette variation depends on whether or not you have activated the jackpot bet. In jackpot mode, you can anticipate long-term theoretical returns that range from 96.06% to 97.32%. When the jackpot feature is deactivated, the game yields a lower expected return but it is fair to say the difference is minuscule, with a 96.02% minimum and a 97.30% maximum.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette FAQs

Do I have to wager the maximum to qualify for one of the four progressive jackpots?

Betting the maximum is not a prerequisite for having an unexpected windfall in Dragon Jackpot Roulette. Triggering the jackpot game is possible on any spin, even if it has otherwise resulted in no winnings. With that said, placing higher bets increases your chances of entering the jackpot game.

What are the seed values for the four tiers of the progressive jackpot?

Playtech’s progressive network uses the euro as a base currency, with the seed values ranging across the four prizes. Green and Blue jackpots start seeding at €10 and €100. The seeds for the Red and Yellow tiers are €1,000 and €20,000, respectively.

Is it possible to win two progressive jackpots simultaneously?

The mechanics of the game makes it impossible to land two different jackpots at the same time. On the bright side, you are guaranteed to pocket one of the four progressive prizes once you manage to unlock the jackpot wheel.

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