Bad movies that turned out to be a box office success

Hollywood is a big business worth billions of dollars, especially over the past two or three decades, when film budgets have skyrocketed to unfathomable heights. Although the process of creating a movie includes top-paid script writers, directors, and actors, the quality of the picture is not guaranteed, and neither is the financial outcome. Still, some […] Read more

Survey reveals the worst nightmares of Brits

Nightmares reflect patterns of human behaviour and are often associated with traumatic experiences. They echo our personality, how we deal with problems, and issues that are currently troubling us (even if we don’t admit it). Regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, bad dreams adversely affect our everyday life, with no way to fully avoid […] Read more

Survey reveals the worst nightmares of Americans

There is the misconception that adults outgrow nightmares. While these vividly realistic and disturbing dreams are more common among children, they also haunt adults, and there is no way to get rid of them. Nightmares can stem from obvious triggers such as watching scary movies, switching to a new antidepressant or taking nicotine replacement medication, […] Read more

Countries with the Most Music Festivals in 2023

Whether it’s rock, jazz, hip-hop or EDM, music festivals gather thousands of people, sometimes even millions, for a few days of dancing, partying, and enjoying a unique atmosphere. From Coachella to Glastonbury, Tomorrowland to Sziget, the 2023 music festival season is well underway. But which country is home to the highest number of music festivals? […] Read more

Survey reveals the worst nightmares of Canadians

Nightmares can and do affect our days and nights, with no way to avoid this unfortunate phenomenon completely. However, in times of excessive stress, burnout, and lingering effects of the global pandemic, dreams are one of the very few tools people have to relieve their minds of accumulated burdens. While one-off nightmares will replicate certain […] Read more

The Luckiest Lottery Numbers in the U.S.

Playing the lottery is always a gamble, but despite the extremely low odds of actually winning big, millions of people continue to buy tickets and try their luck every week. Some stick to the same numbers for years, usually picking birthday or anniversary dates, and others rely on traditionally “lucky” numbers such as 7 or […] Read more