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Blazing Piranhas™ is the latest state-of-the-art addition to PearFiction Studios’ impressive catalog of slots. This 20-payline slot whisks players away to a lake, where we meet four characters who are ready to enjoy their summer vacation. Things take a gruesome turn, however, when they find that the waters are full of piranhas that are anything but friendly.

Gambling mavens who consider giving Blazing Piranhas™ a try can look forward to a plethora of interesting bonus mechanics, including but not limited to the Piranhas Wild feature, the Jackpot Wheel, and the Free Spins mode. Another perk of playing Blazing Piranhas™ is the slot’s maximum possible win, as the game can reward the luckiest of players with a maximum payout of 5,000x.

Blazing Piranhas™ Slot Summary
Game Provider: Pear Fiction Release Date: 2023
Game Type: Video Slot Theme(s): Comic, Fish, Horror
Reels: 5 Wild Symbols: Yes
Rows: 4 Scatters: Yes
Paylines: 20 fixed lines Free Spins: Yes
Payout/RTP: 96.01% Bonus Game: Yes
Volatility Level: Med-High Progressive Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.2 Autoplay: Yes
Max Bet: 50 Max Win: 5000x

Blazing Piranhas™ Theme

Classic monster movies, slasher cinema, and a hefty dose of comedy seem to make for an excellent setting of a slot judging by one of PerFiction Studios’ most thrilling titles yet, Blazing Piranhas™. The story follows four characters as they are prepared to enjoy a fun summer vacation at a lake, only for them to soon come face to face with a school of furious piranhas.

The art style is phenomenal as is a given when PearFiction Studios is involved. Despite its horror setting, the slot’s stylized illustrations, the exaggerated expressions and animations of the characters, and the sound effects that would fit a cartoon do a lot to enhance the atmosphere and immerse players in the game.

The story has even been woven into the slot’s mechanics: the Piranha Wilds will attack the Character Symbols and turn them into Regular Wilds. During the Base Game Frenzy we can even see the water turn bloody. PearFiction Studios has not spared us the knowledge of what exactly happens to the characters either, as after the piranhas are done feasting, the bones in the Regular Wild’s illustrations review our protagonists’ fates.

Praising the Blazing Piranhas’ soundtrack is also in order. Each song is inspired by the music of the late 20th century discos, which once again nods toward horror films that were popular during that era.

Blazing Piranhas™ Theme

How Blazing Piranhas™ Compares to Other Slot Games

Although slots based on horror are not all that uncommon, few developers take the leap to make their slots quite as bloody yet humorous as PearFiction Studios’s Blazing Piranhas™. What is more, the studio’s choice of a villain, the piranhas, has turned Blazing Piranhas™ into a one-of-a-kind slot in terms of its theming.

Blazing Piranhas™ also shines when it comes to its bonus mechanics. The sheer number of features will outdo quite a lot of slots in the iGaming market, not to mention that the said bonuses also happen to be both entertaining and rewarding. Between the Free Spins mode, the LockNWin™ respin feature, and the Piranha Wilds mechanic, not a single second of gameplay will go to waste. And for those who enjoy having easy access to specific features, one can simply purchase most of the game’s bonus mechanics from the Buy Feature menu.

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Blazing Piranhas™ Symbols and Payouts

There are two types of symbols that can be found in the deceptively calm waters of Blazing Piranhas’ reels. Firstly, we have the four protagonists of the slot, the character symbols. They serve as the slot’s high-paying icons, with the Purple Character symbol boasting the very best payout of 25 times the base bet for a 5-reel win.

The other symbol group comprises the dangerous piranhas. Despite their fearsome appearance, the symbols’ payouts are far more modest, and they are therefore the low-paying icons. Their max payouts range between 1x and 1.4x if 5 identical symbols land, while their 4-reel and 3-reel combinations all grant the player less than 1x their wager.

All of the aforementioned symbols need to form icon combinations that start from the leftmost reel in order to payout, and payline wins cannot contain less than 3 identical symbols. Speaking of which, Blazing Piranhas™ has 20 paylines in total.

The ordinary paying symbols are not the only icon types available in Blazing Piranhas™. The Piranha Wilds and Regular Wilds can complete payline wins, and Bonus Coins are also symbols one will come across while spinning the reels.

*Payouts represent multipliers applied to bet per line amount
Blazing Piranhas™ Winning Combinations and Payouts
Symbols 3 Matches 4 Matches 5 Matches
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Purple Character SymbolPurple Character Symbol 1.4x 5x 25x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Red Character SymbolRed Character Symbol 1.2x 3x 15x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Green Character SymbolGreen Character Symbol 1x 2.4x 10x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Blue Character SymbolBlue Character Symbol 1x 2x 7x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Purple PiranhaPurple Piranha 0.4x 0.8x 1.4x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Red PiranhaRed Piranha 0.4x 0.8x 1.2x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Green PiranhaGreen Piranha 0.2x 0.6x 1x
Blazing Piranhas™ symbol Blue PiranhaBlue Piranha 0.2x 0.6x 1x

Bonus Features Overview

PearFiction Studios has packed the Blazing Piranhas™ slot with a myriad of interesting bonus mechanics. Especially appropriate for the setting are the Piranha Wild feature and the Base Game frenzy, which are tied to the gruesome fate of the slot’s characters. A bonus that revolves around free spins is also available, as is a Jackpot Wheel mechanic.

Do note that the majority of Blazing Piranhas’ bonuses can be purchased via the Buy Feature, and the prices are as follows:

  • Free Spins – 52.05x bet
  • LockNWin™ – 30.93x bet
  • Jackpot LockNWin™ – 31.7x bet
  • Jackpot Wheel – 31.25x bet

Wilds and Scatters

Blazing Piranhas™ has two Wilds that can substitute for non-scatter and non-bonus icons, the first one being the Piranha Wild. This icon has the unique characteristic of being able to turn the character symbols into wilds themselves. This symbol is also tied to the Piranha Wild feature.

Another unique icon is the Scatter, which will lead players to the Free Spins feature so long as 3 or more Scatters appear. It also has the ability to grant the player even more complimentary games while the Free Spins feature is underway.

Finally, we have Blazing Piranhas’ bonus icons, the Coins. During the base game and the Free Spins feature, these icons charge the Jackpot Wheel’s progress bar. If 6 Coins land, the LockNWin™ mechanic is activated, and the Coins that land during this mechanic can unlock more rows, grant multipliers, or activate the Jackpot LockNWin™ feature.

Blazing Piranhas™ Wild

Piranha Wild Feature

Whenever a high-paying character symbol is positioned on a parallel reel left of a Piranha Wild, and the said icons are on the same row, the piranhas attack. As a result, the high-value symbol is turned into a Regular Wild. This feature is named after the icon that triggers it, i.e., Piranha Wild.

Base Game Frenzy

The Base Game Frenzy is quite the show: it occurs when at least 4 Piranha Wilds appear on the reels. Then, the water becomes bloody, and sirens start blaring in order to make it clear that the unfortunate characters are in danger. Then, the piranhas attack, and the Piranha Wild mechanic is activated.

Blazing Piranhas™ Base Game Frenzy

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature is triggered by the Scatter, specifically whenever at least 3 Scatter icons appear on the reels during the Base game. When this occurs, gambling devotees are given 4 options to pick from, and the set of options provided is dependent on the number of Scatters that triggered the feature:

  • 3 Scatters – 12 FS with 3 Wilds; 10 FS with 4 Wilds; 7 FS with 5 Wilds, 5 FS with 6 Wilds
  • 4 Scatters – 24 FS with 3 Wilds; 20 FS with 4 Wilds; 14 FS with 5 Wilds, 10 FS with 6 Wilds
  • 5 Scatters – 36 FS with 3 Wilds; 30 FS with 4 Wilds; 21 FS with 5 Wilds, 15 FS with 6 Wilds

As a rule of thumb, the fewer free games chosen, the more Random Wilds the player will start out with. More Wilds than initially selected can form on the reels, however, thanks to the Piranha Wild mechanic.

Scatters remain in the symbol roster during complimentary games, and if enough Scatter icons appear, the FS feature is retriggered, and the player receives another set of free games which equals the number of FS and Wilds of the initial selection. Another type of icon that can land while the Free Spins mechanic is active is the Coin, and just like in the base game, these icons will contribute to the Jackpot Wheel progress bar.

Blazing Piranhas™ Free Spins


LockNWin™ is Blazing Piranhas’ respin feature. This is a bonus mechanic that is activated by 6 Coin symbols, and each LockNWin™ round starts with 3 respins. Only Coin Symbols can appear during this bonus, ordinary paying icons, Wilds, and Scatters are excluded from LockNWin™.

Whenever a Coin symbol appears, the respin count is reset to 3. The said Coins are sticky and remain in their position for the duration of the LockNWin™, and the game has several types of Coin icons:

  • Regular Coin – can grant cash prize of between 1x and 12x the player’s base bet
  • Multiplier Coin – has a value of 5x the bet, can multiply all coins by up to 5x (excluding the Star Coin)
  • Key Coin – can grant cash prizes between 1x and 5x the bet, each Key Coin unlocks a single lock, row 5 requires 1 Key Coin, row 6 requires an additional 2 Key Coins (3 Key Coins in total), row 7 requires an additional 3 Key Coins (6 Key Coins in total)
  • Star Coin – once the LockNWin™ ends, this symbol triggers the Jackpot LockNWin™ feature

Slot buffs should also note that the game’s layout can grow to be 7 rows high while the LockNWin™ feature is underway. In other words, up to 3 additional rows can be unlocked via Key Coins, and this takes a total of 6 Key Coin symbols. In addition to winning the awards associated with the coins, the player will also see that when the LockNWin™ round ends, their Jackpot Wheel progress bar will be increased by all of the Coinicons they received during the respin feature. Besides running out of respins, the mechanic will also end when the thus-far unlocked reels are filled with coins.

Finally, those who have astonishing luck and manage to fill up the entire 7×5 slot grid with coins are automatically awarded the 5,000x Mega Jackpot. This is Blazing Piranhas’ maximum reward.

Blazing Piranhas™ LockNWin

Jackpot LockNWin™

In order to activate this bonus, players must either luck out on at least 1 star coin during the LockNWin™ mode or purchase Jackpot LockNWin™ by taking advantage of the Buy Feature. In either case, the player is transported to a board of 3 reels and 5 rows, with each row being designated to a given jackpot. For a player to win one of the jackpots, 3 Star Coin symbols must land in a jackpot’s row. Moreover, if the player wins one jackpot, the feature ends, and they are granted their prize. The possible jackpot sizes are as follows:

  • Mega – 5,000x bet
  • Major – 500x bet
  • Minor – 100x bet
  • Mini – 25x bet
  • Micro – 15x bet

Blazing Piranhas™ Jackpot LockNWin

Jackpot Wheel

As suggested by its name, this feature revolves around the Jackpot Wheel, which can surprise players with one of the fixed jackpot prizes outlined above. In order to unlock the Jackpot Wheel, players will need to fill up the wheel’s progress bar by landing Coin Bonus symbols in the base game, the Free Spins mode, and the LockNWin™ feature.

It is crucial for gaming mavens to keep in mind that the progress bar is tied to their bet size. In other words, if one decides to change their wager, their progress will be reset.

Blazing Piranhas™ Jackpot Wheel


Coin symbols are the Blazing Piranhas™ icons that come with multipliers, although they only perform this function during the LockNWin™ feature. Their multiplier values are dependent on the Coin in question.

One Regular Coin, for instance, can grant between 1x and 12x one’s bet. Purple Multiplier Coins, on the other hand, always have a fixed value of 5x one’s bet. They also have the unique characteristic of multiplying all coins present on the slot layout by 5. Blazin Piranhas’ final multiplier icon is the Key Coin, and each such symbol may reward the player with between 1x and 5x their wager.

Pros & Cons of Blazing Piranhas™

✅ What We Like about Blazing Piranhas™

  • Blazing Piranhas™ has a unique theme
  • A wide range of bonus mechanics further elevates the Blazing Piranhas™ gameplay experience
  • The maximum 5,000x possible win is impressive
❌ What We Dislike about Blazing Piranhas™

  • The jackpots are fixed as opposed to progressive
  • Gambling devotees who struggle with blood, even in cartoon settings, might find Blazing Piranhas™ to be a bit too much to handle
  • The autospin mechanic only allows for up to 100 spins to be queued

Blazing Piranhas™ FAQs

  • Is Blazing Piranhas™ mobile-friendly?
  • Gambling enthusiasts will be able to enjoy Blazing Piranhas™ on their portable smartphone devices without issues. The game is compatible with all popular browser applications like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera, among others.
  • Does Blazing Piranhas™ have a feature with free spins?
  • Yes, the Free Spins feature is among Blazing Piranhas’ most elaborate mechanics. One can activate the Free Spins mechanic by landing either 3, 4, or 5 Scatters. Before the complimentary spins commence, they are given a choice between 4 variants. The options provided involve more free games if 4 Scatters trigger the feature (up to 24). As for the bundle with the biggest number of free spins (35), players can go with this option when the Free Spins feature is activated by 5 Scatter symbols.
  • Are any of the bonuses exclusive to the Buy Feature?
  • No, all of the mechanics offered in the Buy Feature can be won during regular gameplay. The difference is that triggering a given bonus mechanic is typically reliant on luck, while with the Buy Feature, the player can purchase the said mechanics.

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