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Rolled out in 2023, LooneyPop™ is a vibrant science fiction-themed slot courtesy of AvatarUX. The game’s RTP of 96% is up to par with the industry standard, and its layout features six reels and up to nine rows. AvatarUX values its mobile audience, which is why the game is powered by HTML5 and thus compatible with smartphone devices. Slots buffs from across the globe can enjoy LooneyPop™ thanks to the numerous languages the game is available in, including English, Swedish, Chinese, Greek, Korean, and more.

LooneyPop™ Slot Summary
Game Provider: AvatarUX Release Date: 2023
Game Type: Video Slot Theme(s): Science
Reels: 6 Wild Symbols: No
Rows: 9 Scatters: Yes
Paylines: 118,098 ways to win Free Spins: Yes
Payout/RTP: 96% Bonus Game: No
Volatility Level: High Progressive Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.2 Autoplay: Yes
Max Bet: 40 Max Win: 50000x

LooneyPop™ Theme

The scene LooneyPop™ players are greeted with almost seems apocalyptic, with aliens, beasts, and a giant marine monster wreaking havoc in the game’s fictional world. This scene of chaos is the work of the Mad Professor, whose goal of recreating pop-culture monsters into real beats has, predictably, gotten out of hand.

LooneyPop™’s cartoonish art style and the goofy music make the situation seem more comedic than frightening, however. The characters illustrated on the game’s symbols would be right at home in a 20th-century animated production, and the rest of the icons contain items like an atomic bomb, dynamite, a rocket launcher, and card values nine through Ace, which have been stylized to fit the comedic art direction of LooneyPop™.

LooneyPop™ Theme

How LooneyPop™ Compares to Other Slot Games

Science fiction is a relatively popular concept in online slots, although the situation depicted in this game is more on the silly and comedic side. What makes LooneyPop™ truly stand out, however, is its bonus features. The PopWins™ mechanic, for instance, can only be found in AvatarUX slots, which alone makes LooneyPop™ quite the special slot. However, the game also has a future that is unique even amongst AvatarUX games for now, which is the ZapReel. The ZapReel grants various rewards in the base game and during the free spins feature.

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LooneyPop™ Symbols and Payouts

LooneyPop™ has dynamic win ways which are enhanced via the PopWins™ mechanic, and the maximum number of win ways the game can reach is 118,098. In order to score a win, players need to match at least three copies of an icon, and the said identical symbols must be located on subsequent reels. Moreover, the group of icons must begin either from the leftmost or the rightmost reel.

The slot features quite the number of icons, and although half of them are low-paying icons, the rest feature either middle of the road values, or are the slot’s designated high-paying icons. The most generous icons are the character symbols, i.e., the Cowboy, the Mad Professor, and the like. They reward players with their wager times 1.5 if five-of-the-same symbols are matched.

*Payouts represent multipliers applied to bet per line amount.
LooneyPop™ Winning Combinations and Payouts
Symbols 3 Matches 4 Matches 5 Matches
LooneyPop™ symbol CowboyCowboy 0.5x 1x 1.5x
LooneyPop™ symbol Red LadyRed Lady 0.5x 1x 1.5x
LooneyPop™ symbol AlienAlien 0.5x 1x 1.5x
LooneyPop™ symbol The Mad ProfessorThe Mad Professor 0.5x 1x 1.5x
LooneyPop™ symbol Atomic BombAtomic Bomb 0.3x 0.6x 1x
LooneyPop™ symbol DynamiteDynamite 0.3x 0.6x 1x
LooneyPop™ symbol Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher 0.3x 0.6x 1x
LooneyPop™ symbol AceAce 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x
LooneyPop™ symbol KingKing 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x
LooneyPop™ symbol QueenQueen 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x
LooneyPop™ symbol JackJack 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x
LooneyPop™ symbol 1010 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x
LooneyPop™ symbol 99 0.2x 0.3x 0.6x

Bonus Features Overview

LooneyPop™ will wow audiences with all of the extra goodies it comes with. The PopWins™ mechanic has been integrated into the reels of LooneyPop™, and the game also boasts the Free Spins feature, a mechanic dubbed ZapReel, and the Gamble Game.

Bonus Buy is available, and most of the options in this function allow you to forgo RNG in favor of buying your way to the Free Spins feature. The first one is the Boom Bonus, which costs your wager times 125 and grants you six free games. The next option, which also happens to be the most massive with the price to match, is the Maxi Boomy Bonus, which triggers the Extended Free Spins mechanic. For 500x your bet, you are treated to twelve free spins. There is one Bonus Buy choice that will still hinge on RNG, and that is the option to purchase the Wacky Gamble Wheel. It, too, has a price of 125x the bet, and after the player buys this bonus, they are taken to the Wacky Gamble Wheel. Once purchased, there is no option to opt-out, and the Wheel will start spinning.

Wilds and Scatters

LooneyPop™ lacks any wild symbols, but their absence will hardly be felt by gambling devotees. Features such as complimentary spins, multipliers, and the like, are activated via the PopWins™ mechanic or the ZapReel. There are icons that have a similar function to scatters. Namely, the Split Symbol, the Expand Symbol, and the Synced Reel Reward icon, and all of them can only appear on the game’s ZapReel.


AvatarUX’s tried-and-true PopWins™ is once again a core mechanic of an amazing slot. The PopWins™ feature is triggered whenever you manage to land a winning combination on the reels, and the participating symbols vanish. Each icon that disappears leaves two slot cells in its absence, which are quickly occupied by two new icons. If the said new symbols create another winning combination, PopWins™ is triggered again, and this continues until wins stop occurring.

Each reel can become six symbols high as a result of PopWins™ during the base game, and the reel height progress resets between each spin. In Free Spins mode, however, the reels can reach the height of nine rows, while they will only shrink to match the height of the shortest reel. For instance, if one reel is eight symbols high while the rest are nine symbols high, the overall layout will be adjusted to an eight-row configuration.

LooneyPop™ PopWins™


The ZapReel is, at the time of writing, exclusive to the LooneyPop™ slot. This is an additional reel that is located above the game’s core layout, and it contains three cells. A unique selection of icons can land in the ZapReel, starting with the Multipliers that can reward players with multipliers of up to x3. The said values are applied to the winning combinations located on the reel below the multiplier icon. If numerous Multipliers land, the rewards are multiplicative.

Next, we have the Split Symbols, which will split icons so that multiple copies are located in one cell. The maximum number of copies that can be generated from this mechanic is five. As for the expanding symbol, it expands an icon that is located directly below it so that it covers its respective reel, provided the said icon has formed a win. Last but not least, the Synced Reel Reward can select up to two adjacent reels and have them land identical icons.

Most of the above icons are even more rewarding during the Free Spins Feature, and they grant the following prizes:

  • Multipliers – a Multiplier icon can have values of up to x10. Prizes are multiplicative when two or more Multipliers land.
  • Split Symbols – a single icon can be split into 10 or less copies.
  • Syncent Reel – up to 3 adjacent reels can be synchronized

LooneyPop™ ZapReel

Free Spins

PopWins™ is your key to the Free Spins mode. Essentially, what it takes for the Free Spins feature to be accessed is managing to increase all of the base game reels so that they are the height of six symbols.

Earlier, we outlined how most ZapReel icons are enhanced during Free Spins and are more rewarding. In addition to this, there is an Extended Free Spins mode. When triggered, Synced Reel symbols can synchronize both ways.

The default number of complimentary games one can receive is six. You cannot win any additional free spins once the feature is underway, but it is possible to start out with more than six if you take advantage of either the Bonus Buy function or the Wacky Gamble Wheel.

LooneyPop™ Free Spins

Wacky Gamble Reel

As suggested by its name, the Wacky Gamble Wheel is a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. If you choose to spin the Wacky Gamble Wheel after you win a set of complimentary games, you place the said spins at stake, and the wheel starts spinning. The possible outcomes include nine free spins, twelve free spins, and zero free spins.

The maximum number of free spins you can win from a single gamble is twelve, while risking your complimentary games for a subsequent gamble and coming out victorious will leave you with up to eighteen free spins.

LooneyPop™ Wacky Gamble Reel


LooneyPop™ has two types of multipliers, and both of them are tied to the ZapReel. In the base game, landing a Multiplier Symbol will apply an x2 or x3 multiplier to a winning combination containing an icon that is directly below the Multiplier. During Free Spins, the multiplier range is improved, with values of x2, x3, x5, and x10 being possible. In either case, players can rest assured that if they are lucky enough to land two multiplier symbols, the rewards are multiplicative.

LooneyPop™ Multipliers

Pros & Cons of LooneyPop™

✅ What We Like about LooneyPop™

  • LooneyPop™ boats fantastic graphics
  • The game is perfect for players who love to indulge in generous bonuses
  • The maximum win is 50,000x
❌ What We Dislike about LooneyPop™

  • Purchasing the bonuses can be costly
  • LooneyPop’s high volatility will make it difficult to enjoy for some casual players
  • Gaming mavens cannot win additional complimentary games during the Free Spins feature

LooneyPop™ FAQs

  • Can I play LooneyPop™ on my smartphone?
  • Yes, the game is mobile-friendly and compatible with iOS and Android devices. The game officially supports the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft IE.
  • Is the Wacky Gamble Reel available in Bonus Buy?
  • Yes, one of the Bonus Buy options features the Wacky Gamble Reel. Do note that you will not be able to forgo wagering free spins here, however.
  • Is there a demo version of LooneyPop?
  • Yes, the game can be played completely free of charge and you can test out all features and mechanics before you are certain you are ready to wager with real money at a casino.

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