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Founded in 2018, AvatarUX made its debut in the world of remote gambling by creating top-notch slots with unique and, most importantly, entertaining mechanics. The developer utilizes the in-house developed Amigo Framework, which is lightweight and gives AvatarUX’s developers a lot of freedom to experiment, express their creativity, and ensure that the slots they create are as fun as possible. The games support over 30 languages, including but not limited to English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, and Korean. The currency selection is also impressive, with EUR, USD, CAD, NZD, ZAR, and plenty more being among the available options.

AvatarUX employs a “Mobile first” mentality when it comes to the developer’s iGaming products. Every title has been created with mobile players in mind, and it shows, seeing as the games are powered by HTML5 and perform well on smartphone browsers. The graphics, for example, are just as gorgeous on mobile screens as they are on desktop, maybe even more so, given smartphone screens’ tendency to boast a DPI that is better compared to what you will find on PC screens. The user interface of the games is also without flaws, featuring ergonomic layouts that can be used in portrait or landscape.

AvatarUX Slots – Features Galore

AvatarUX has not neglected to implement classic bonus mechanics in its games. Free spins, for example, are practically a given. Multipliers and expanding symbols are among the other features one can expect to find whenever one plays one of the developer’s excellent slots. The very best features, however, are the ones exclusive to AvatarUX slots. These unique mechanics are PopWins, MultiPop, StickyPop, and ZapReel.

What is more, you will not need to rely on Lady Luck to give you her blessing and allow you to trigger these mechanics by chance. Instead, you can take advantage of the Bonus Buy function that AvatarUX includes in its games. This makes it very easy to purchase and enjoy the entertaining bonus mechanics of each title.


The AvatarUX mechanic that was introduced first is PopWins. The concept behind PopWins is actually fairly simple but effective in improving the overall gaming experience. Essentially, whenever a given player is lucky enough to land a series of icons that form a winning combination, all of the symbols from the said win “pop” like bubbles and disappear. Then, each individual symbol is replaced with two icons, which can effectively serve to make individual spins quite rewarding.


The next mechanic that caught our eye is MultiPop. It is similar to the one mentioned above, but with one key enhancement. Once again, whenever a win is achieved while playing a slot with such a mechanic, each winning icon copy “pops”. Here, however, the said symbol is not replaced with two new icons. Instead, a multiplier is revealed, and the said value is applied to the single icon that takes the place of the one that disappeared. If the replacement icon also happens to contribute towards a win, the multiplier is increased by 1 and a new symbol takes the former icon’s place. Best of all, this will continue to happen so long as the new icons grant the player wins.


StickyPop is another mechanic that is technically a variation of the tried-and-true PopWins. This time, it seems that the slots’ symbols switch places in terms of how they are treated. The winning icons are not the ones that disappear whenever a successful spin occurs. Instead, it is the rest of the slot’s icons that are “popped” out of existence. As for the winning symbols, they remain in place, which is why the mechanic is dubbed “StickyPop”. It is also important to mention that the reel’s height is increased when this feature is triggered. StickyPop lasts as long as new winning combinations are achieved, although the game that currently offers this feature, Pop O’Gold, does have a limit on just how tall the reels can become.


Last but certainly not least, ZapReel is the latest mechanic to join AvatarUX’s repertoire of features. Games that feature ZapReel have a horizontal reel that is located above the given slot’s main layout. During gameplay, the said reel will also spin, but it will reveal symbols that do not land on the main layout but can grant various goodies. In the slot LooneyPop, the said prizes can be multipliers, Split Symbols, Expand Winning Symbols, and the Synced Reel Reward.

Multipliers affect winning combinations, while Split Symbols multiply a given icon within its cell. The aptly named Expanding Winning Symbols cause the icon situated below them to expand and fill up the reel. As for Synched Reel Rewards, they synchronize adjacent reels to land identical icons. All in all, it is easy to see how the ZapReel can make for amazing gaming sessions.

Want to Know More About AvatarUX Slots

AvatarUX’s dedication to creating top-quality slots that feature innovative mechanics is why it has been recognized and rewarded by organizations like CasinoBeats and the EGR operator. Each of the developer’s products will entertain novice and veteran gaming mavens alike, and the slots excel even when it comes to the basics like the art, core gameplay, and music. If you are looking to try out what AvatarUX has to offer, you are welcome to check out the following AvatarUX slot reviews.

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