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With the world in disarray and the high-stake Mad Race just about to commence, the world of Mad Cars offers a thrilling iGaming experience to gambling enthusiasts. The slot’s main layout features five reels and six rows, and there is an additional section known as the Bonus Reel located just above that plays a key role in the game’s mechanics. This, along with the excellent artwork, intimidating characters, and the fact that the reels also serve as the road of the slot’s car symbols, gives Mad Cars a unique look. Best of all, the gameplay itself is mighty exciting, and it can easily be considered one of Push Gaming’s most exciting slots yet.

Mad Cars Slot Summary
Game Provider: Push Gaming Release Date: 2022
Game Type: Video Slot Theme(s): Cars & Motorcycles, Post-apocalypse
Reels: 5 Wild Symbols: No
Rows: 6 Scatters: Yes
Paylines: 50 fixed lines Free Spins: Yes
Payout/RTP: 96.39% Bonus Game: No
Volatility Level: High Progressive Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.1 Autoplay: Yes
Max Bet: 100 Max Win: 25000x

Mad Cars Theme

Mad Cars is centered around an intense race that is taking place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The developers have managed to incorporate the racing mechanics quite well into the slot’s overall gameplay, which not only makes for fantastic gaming sessions but also helps in better immersing the players in the slot’s world.

Of course, the intricate yet gritty art style also plays a crucial role in making sure that everything about the game fits its setting. The competitive driver icons and car-themed symbols are a perfect fit for the slot too.

One of the most impressive aspects of the game is how, if you upgrade a car symbol, this is reflected in the icon’s appearance too, making the possibility of massive wins seem all the closer. The intense soundtrack is impressive and ideal for Mad Cars’ world.

We must also commend Push Gaming for going above and beyond with the animations and sound effects in Mad Cars. When a car is given an upgrade, for instance, it is quickly taken underground for the upgrades. This is an effective animation sequence that takes but a second. The cars are shown to clearly have their engines running, which is something you can not just see, but also hear.

Mad Cars Theme

How Mad Cars Compares to Other Slot Games

Although the post-apocalyptic theme has been gaining some traction in recent years, it is yet to become terribly common. Thanks to this, the Mad Cars slot feels fresh in its rendition of a not-so-favorable future, but it is still pleasantly familiar to those fond of enjoying other flavors of post-apocalyptic entertainment.

The game strives to impress gambling devotees with its bonus mechanics and its graphics. Prize Car icons are an excellent example of the marriage between art and gameplay thanks to how they move on the reels. The Scatter is similar, giving players a unique transition from the base game to the slot’s engaging Mad Bonus.

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Mad Cars Symbols and Payouts

Winnings in the base game are granted once three copies of a symbol are matched on the reels, with the Car Dice, Steering Wheel, Wrench, and Traffic Cone having the least impressive payouts. The drivers, on the other hand, are the most rewarding icons, with the Orange Driver, in particular, granting a payout of 100x when five copies of the said symbol land on the reels.

Instant Prize Car icons, which can have payouts of up to 100x, are also part of Mad Cars’ mechanics, as is the Scatter Car icon. The said symbol is your ticket to the free spins bonus mode.

Finally, we have the Boost Symbols that only appear on the Boost Reel. They can enhance the Instant Prize Cars by increasing their multipliers, having them progress from row to row, and more.

*Payouts represent multipliers applied to bet per line amount
Mad CarsWinning Combinations and Payouts
Symbols 3 Matches 4 Matches 5 Matches
Mad Cars symbol Orange DriverOrange Driver 2x 20x 100x
Mad Cars symbol Purple DriverPurple Driver 1x 10x 50x
Mad Cars symbol Blue DriverBlue Driver 0.5x 5x 25x
Mad Cars symbol Green DriverGreen Driver 0.4x 4x 20x
Mad Cars symbol Card DiceCard Dice 0.1x 1x 5x
Mad Cars symbol Steering WheelSteering Wheel 0.1x 1x 5x
Mad Cars symbol WrenchWrench 0.1x 1x 5x
Mad Cars symbol Traffic ConeTraffic Cone 0.1x 1x 5x

Bonus Features Overview

Mad Cars’ bonus mechanics are numerous and guaranteed to get your blood pumping when you spin the reels. The Instant Prize Car icons, for example, apply multipliers to your bet, and they can appear on any of the slot’s reels. Then there is the Mad Bonus Feature, which boasts free spins and additional enhancements that further improve the multipliers you win.

Although triggering the Mad Bonus Feature is RNG-reliant usually, you can choose to access it via the slot’s Bonus Buy mechanic. You may purchase the bonus alone or pick the options where certain additional features are guaranteed.

Wilds and Scatters

Mad Cars has a single Scatter, which is the Scatter Car Symbol. When it lands on the slot layout, it is placed on the bottom row of a reel, and once it manages to reach the top row, it escorts players away to the free spins mode. The game does not have any wild icons, however.

Mad Cars scatter

Boost Reel

This is an additional base game reel that is situated above the main slot layout, and it has its own unique selection of icons. They are dubbed Boost Symbols, and there are several types, each of which rewards different enhancements.

For a booster to have an effect, a Car Symbol must land on its reel. Winning the Instant Prize of a car icon is achieved when a given car makes it to the Boost Reel. If multiple cars appear on the slot layout in the base game, the one that crosses the finish line first grants the player its associated prize, while the ones left behind spin off the reels, and their rewards are lost. If two or more cars reach the Boost Reel at the same time, all of them pay out.

The first Boost Symbol applies a multiplier to the value of the Instant Prize Car Symbol that aligns with it, and the values range between 2x and 100x. It does not affect Scatter Car icons, however. The next booster is the Gas Symbol, which moves a given Car Symbol toward the top of the reel. The number of rows the car traverses is dependent on the number shown on the Gas Symbol.

The Multiplier and Gas Combo Symbol is next. As suggested, this icon is a combination of the previous two symbols. The Survivor Symbol is the last icon with a rewarding function. It essentially “locks” a given car symbol, and when this occurs, the said icon is prevented from disappearing even if another car reaches the Boost Reel first. None of the aforementioned symbols are guaranteed to drop, and the most common icon is actually the Blank Symbol, an icon that has no effect on the car symbols.

Mad Cars Boost Reel

Free Spins

The Mad Bonus Feature serves as Mad Cars’ free spins mode. This bonus is available via RNG and through the Bonus Buy feature, and in both cases, it is triggered when the Scatter Car icon reaches the Boost Reel.

Speaking of which, the free spins here refer only to the Boost Reel, as the only symbols on the main layout of the slot during free spins are the Instant Prize Car icons. These symbols behave differently from the base game since, during free spins, when a car crosses the finish line, it is replaced by another. Moreover, this also grants the player an additional complimentary spin.

Another key difference between this mode and the base game is the selection of symbols within the boost reel. The Survivor icon is gone, and more enhancement icons have been added.

The first boost icon is called Line Up. When this booster lands, all Instant Prize Car Symbols align with the Line Up icon’s respective car. The Mad Bonus Feature’s second special icon is the Persistent Payer, which grants its own multiplier to the values of the rest of the cars, as opposed to paying in and of itself.

Next, we have the Persistent Collector Symbol, which, as implied, collects the values of all cars that have not yet crossed the finish line. It does so on repeat until it makes it to the top. The last symbol is a combination of the previous two, as it increases the multipliers of the other and then collects the said increased values. It does so for each free spin until it, itself, makes it to the top.

The Mad Bonus’ final potential reward is the Mad Race Random mechanic, which is sometimes triggered after you have used up all of your free spins. This essentially makes all Instant Prize Cars reach the Bonus Reel and pay out, but they will not grant any additional free spins like before.

Mad Cars Free Spins


Players can look forward to several Instant Prize symbols during gameplay. Instant Prize Car Symbols are part of the Boost Reel mechanic, as are the Boost Symbols that can affect the payout of the cars. Instant Prize Cars, in particular, come in the following initial values: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, and 100x. Multiplier Boost Symbols can enhance the said values further, and they can result in an increase of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or 100x. Last but not least, we should mention that the game’s Scatter also has an instant prize value. When this symbol reaches the Boost Reel, it grants an instant prize of 10x the base bet.

Mad Cars Multipliers

Pros & Cons of Mad Cars

✅ What We Like about Mad Cars

  • Mad Cars’ max potential payout is 25,000x
  • The mechanic surrounding the Instant Prize Car icons is engaging
  • You can win additional free spins during the Mad Bonus
❌ What We Dislike about Mad Cars

  • There are no wild icons
  • Mad Cars does not feature a gamble mini-game
  • The slot’s high volatility makes it unsuitable for some risk-averse players

Mad Cars FAQs

  • Can I play Mad Cars on my smartphone browser?
  • Yes, the slot is powered by HTML 5, and it is therefore compatible with most mobile browser applications, including but not limited to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • How much does Bonus Buy cost?
  • This is reliant on which option you wish to purchase. Buying the Mad Bonus alone (with no guarantee to get additional mechanics) costs your wager times 115.7. The Payer Bonus and the Collector Bonus cost 301x and 456x the base bet, respectively. Finally, you can choose to get the option that has a chance of granting any of the aforementioned variations and the Persistent Payer and Collector Combo Symbol. This last Bonus Buy option’s price is your base bet times 624.
  • Is turbo mode available?
  • Yes, you can choose to speed up the gameplay by going to the settings and tapping on the turbo mode activation icon.

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