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If you are looking for a slot that is anything but conventional, Push Gaming’s Generous Jack will more than fit the bill. This extraordinary slot has a gameplay design that makes spinning the reels an absolute blast of an experience. Moreover, the action takes place on a layout inspired by the halls of casino establishments from the 1920s, and the graphics and music fit the setting perfectly. Suffice it to say, it is easy to imagine that you have paid a visit to a vintage brick-and-mortar casino while playing Generous Jack.

The peculiar gameplay is seen as such due to the single-symbol payouts and unlockable rows, neither of which are all that common even in today’s vast iGaming market. In addition to the base game, Generous Jack also offers a free spins mode, a bonus buy mechanic, and other neat functions.

Generous Jack Slot Summary
Game Provider: Push Gaming Release Date: 2022
Game Type: Video Slot Theme(s): 1920s Casino
Reels: 6 Wild Symbols: No
Rows: 4 Scatters: Yes
Paylines: 1 or more number Free Spins: 10 Free Spins
Payout/RTP: 96.23% Bonus Game: No
Volatility Level: High Progressive Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.01 Autoplay: Yes
Max Bet: 100 Max Win: 10000x

Generous Jack Theme

In terms of Generous Jack’s theme, Push Gaming has taken a straightforward approach. The game is inspired by the luxury of casino establishments that operated in the 1920s, with a soundtrack to match. Each period-appropriate piece of music seems to have been played on a piano from the 20s, which, along with the stellar artwork and the ambient sounds of a casino hall, show that the developers aimed to craft a gambling experience that is as immersive as possible. We should also praise the game’s top-notch sound design when it comes to the reels, as the sounds are reminiscent of those made by vintage slot machines.

Generous Jack Theme

How Generous Jack Compares to Other Slot Games

As far as the gameplay is concerned, what Generous Jack has to offer is quite novel. The most typical slot layouts gaming devotees will come across while browsing remote casinos have a 3×5 layout. Generous Jack, however, features a set of four rows that each have a different number of reels, starting with the three-reel first row. Only the first row is active when you start playing, and if you are lucky to land a Jack Symbol while spinning the reels, you will unlock the next one. If you do not wish to start with a single row, the Push-Up mechanic lets you activate one, two, or three rows manually. As none of this is common in the iGaming sphere, it is easy to see why Generous Jack easily stands out.

The slot’s symbols are another aspect of Generous Jack that will intrigue players. They are shaped like casino tokens, with paying icons, in particular, depicting chips zero through nine. The numbers also represent each symbol’s multiplier. Here, only a single copy of a symbol needs to land on an active reel for a win to be achieved. This is in stark contrast to most other slots, where matching copies of the same symbols is the only way to win in the base game. What is more, combinations of different chips in Generous Jack can be even more rewarding.

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Generous Jack Symbols and Payouts

An interesting collection of symbols is what awaits Generous Jack players who pick up the game. There are casino chip symbols and a Jack Symbol scatter, the latter of which is responsible for unlocking the Free Spins feature. With the free spins feature factored in, the highest win an individual can achieve while playing this slot is 10,000x.

Generous Jack’s main casino token symbols are unorthodox, seeing as they are essentially Instant Prize icons. Each symbol has a multiplier that is the same as its chip number, meaning that the 2 Chip, for instance, will reward you with your bet times two if it lands on the reels. There is no minimum matching combination requirement, as all single chips grant a payout.

Multiple casino tokens will reward the player with larger wins, however. If two chips land next to each other from left to right, they are combined into a multi-digit number. For example, a 9 Chip and a 3 Chip landing next to one another will result in the base bet being multiplied by 93. If two symbols are separated by a Dud Chip, however, the rewarded multiplier is the sum of the said icons. In the case of a 9 Chip and a 3 Chip with a dud symbol in between, the player will win their wager times 12. Essentially, Dud Chip symbols act as blockers, and they provide no rewards in and of themselves.

One last peculiarity to keep in mind is that if a 0 Chip lands on the right of a numbered chip, the said symbol does not affect the payout. If you get a combination of a 0 Chip and a 9 Chip, for instance, you will achieve a 9x win.

*Payouts represent multipliers applied to bet per line amount
Generous Jack Winning Combinations and Payouts
Symbols 1 Matches
Generous Jack symbol Chip 99 Chip 9x
Generous Jack symbol 8 Chip8 Chip 8x
Generous Jack symbol 7 Chip7 Chip 7x
Generous Jack symbol 6 Chip6 Chip 6x
Generous Jack symbol 5 Chip5 Chip 5x
Generous Jack symbol 4 Chip4 Chip 4x
Generous Jack symbol 3 Chip3 Chip 3x
Generous Jack symbol 2 Chip2 Chip 2x
Generous Jack symbol 1 Chip1 Chip 1x
Generous Jack symbol 0 Chip0 Chip 0x
Generous Jack symbol Dud ChipDud Chip

Bonus Features Overview

Generous Jack provides an entertaining gaming experience to gambling devotees thanks to all of the extra goodies that have been implemented. The slot includes a bonus buy function. Players are, therefore, free to buy access to the Free Spins feature whenever they fancy, as opposed to going with the old-school way and waiting for this feature to be triggered via RNG. The game’s RTP is 96.55% during free spins activated via the bonus buy mechanic, and the cost of purchasing the free spins is 150x one’s base bet. The number of complimentary spins an individual can get this way is random.

Another interesting tool is the one dubbed Push-Up. By using this function, you can choose to start a spin with multiple rows already unlocked. This gives you more chances to score wins and land Jack Symbols to trigger the free spins feature, but it does come at a cost. You will need to pay 5x, 20x, or 50x your base wager depending on how many additional rows you wish to activate. Two rows cost the cheapest. Having the entire four-row layout unlocked, however, is the most expensive option. The RTP of this base-game mechanic is 96.45%.

Wilds and Scatters

Generous Jack does not have any wild symbols due to its core gameplay. What this slot does have is a scatter, however, which is dubbed the Jack Symbol. Its artwork stands out, as this icon is essentially a golden chip depicting the character the slot is named after. This symbol is responsible for triggering the game’s free spins mechanic.

Generous Jack Wild

Free Spins

Free Spins are Generous Jack’s main bonus mode. To unlock complimentary spins, you need to collect at least three consecutive golden Jack Symbols with a single bet. When the scatters land on the reels, they are subsequently removed and placed on the free spins meter at random.

The only way to unlock three free spins and potentially more complimentary games is to fill up the blue section of the meter entirely. It is also possible to win four, five, or ten free spins if you manage to collect enough symbols. We should also note that each time a Jack Symbol appears on the reels and is collected, it unlocks an additional row and it rewards the player with a respin. Once a Jack Symbol lands on the reels, any paying chips present become sticky and will remain on the reels until the respins end.
Generous Jack Free Spins


As established, Generous Jack’s paying symbols each have their own multiplier values, and they payout even when a lone copy of a given icon lands. As such, the chips function as Instant Prize icons.

The sum of all symbols on the reels is awarded to the player if the said chips do not land on adjacent reels. If they do appear next to one another, however, their values are combined to form a multiplier with multiple digits. Below, you can see a few example results of a spin:

  • 8 Chip, Dud Chip, 2 Chip – the player’s bet is multiplied by 10
  • 8 Chip, 0 Chip, Dud Chip – the player’s bet is multiplied by 80
  • Dud Chip, 8 Chip, 2 Chip – the player’s bet is multiplied by 82
  • 0 Chip, 8 Chip, 2 Chip – the player’s bet is multiplied by 82

Generous Jack Multipliers

Pros & Cons of Generous Jack

✅ What We Like about Generous Jack

  • All paying symbols reward players even if only a single chip lands on the reels
  • There is a dedicated free spins mode
  • The 1920s casino atmosphere of the slot is fantastic
❌ What We Dislike about Generous Jack

  • Unlocking all of the rows is expensive at 50x the base bet
  • The unconventional symbols and gameplay might be confusing to novice gamblers
  • It is not easy to trigger the free spins mode, especially when the layout is not fully unlocked

Generous Jack FAQs

  • Can I play Generous Jack on my smartphone?
  • Yes, the game’s HTML5 technology makes it compatible with mobile browsers. Moreover, you will be able to play the slot on both Android and iOS devices and face no compatibility problems.
  • Is autoplay available?
  • Yes, Generous Jack has an autoplay function. You can choose to play up to 100 spins on auto, but sets of 50, 20, and 10 are also an option. In addition, you can set up a loss limit you are comfortable with, and you may potentially choose a single win limit as well.
  • Can I buy the free spins outright?
  • Generous Jack’s bonus buy feature allows you to buy the free spins mode for your base bet value times 150. You are guaranteed to get at least three complimentary spins by utilizing the bonus buy function, but whether you will receive more is a matter of luck.

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