Capecod is a software company with extensive experience in the iGaming field, providing software solutions for some of the biggest names in the virtual casino industry. The entity has also specialized in transforming popular land-based gaming solutions into online slot games, which are then distributed to online and mobile casino platforms.

Founded in 1987, Capecod is an Italian-based gaming company, which has proven itself as a reliable software provider that delivers high-class solutions. Known for its exclusive casino games, Capecod has developed some of the most unique and entertaining slot titles, which can be found at numerous major online casino brands.

Prior to launching its iGaming platform, in 2007, the company introduced its BIGpoker platform, which was the first fully Italian poker platform. A year later, Capecod also entered the iGaming market, with the company currently boasting a portfolio with more than 130 titles. Not only was Capecod working on creating innovative casino titles, but in 2012, the provider specialized in the integration of classic slot games from land-based casinos into mobile and online casino platforms. While slots are Capecod’s strong suit, in 2015, the developers added cross-platform Blackjack and Roulette games to its portfolio.

In 2017, Capecod joined the team of Novomatic Group, combining the two companies’ creatives to bring even better gaming solutions to interactive casino operators. In 2022, Capecod expanded its reach by entering the gaming market in Spain, further increasing its presence in the global iGaming scene.

Capecod Slots

The predominant part of Capecod’s portfolio includes classic and video slots, with each title offering a unique, fun, and rewarding gaming experience. Currently, the company boasts over 130 slot titles, with games incorporating various themes, payout systems, bonus features, and betting options.

Classic slots featuring fruity symbols are a staple in Capecod’s gaming portfolio, with a rather simple, yet very enjoyable design and gameplay being a common trait of these slots. Lucky Star, Chunky Fruit, Ultra Joker, and Stardust Evolution are just a few of the classic slots offered by the provider. The latter has also been adapted for vertical play on mobile devices, with Stardust Extended offering a fun classic slot experience even while playing on a smaller screen.

Speaking about mobile play, we should also mention the special Vertical Revolution era of Capecod games, with the provider launching a few slots that are specifically designed for vertical play on handheld devices. These include titles like Dragon Jewels, West & Stars, Gems of Egypt, and more.

The video slots by Capecod entice players with both their design and bonus features included in the gameplay, giving them multiple chances for extra wins. Energy meters, Bonus Buys, Free Spins, Expanded Wilds, and Re-spins are just a few of the functions that some of the slots by the provider feature. Fun titles that fall under the category of video slots include Charming Witches, Klondike Fever, Er Colosseo, and Alaska Fever, just to name a few.

Alaska Fever Slot
Atlantis Kingdom Slot
Bella Napoli 2nd Chance Slot
Bella Napoli Slot
Black Gold Texas Riches Slot
Charming Witches Slot
Dragon Jewels Slot
Er Colosseo Slot
Gods of Asgard Slot
Horus Gold Slot
Immortal Blood Slot
Klondike Fever Slot
Stardust Evolution Slot

Capecod Blackjack

Another casino classic you will discover in Capecod’s gaming portfolio is Blackjack, which is a perfect solution for every fan of the game of 21. Just like French Roulette, this table game offers a classy design, crisp graphics, and standard blackjack rules that most players will appreciate. Blackjack is an HTML5-based game, which means it can smoothly run across different platforms, including mobile ones.

Starting a new gaming round is extremely easy, with several betting chips allowing players to pick the size of their wager and then start the game by clicking/tapping on DEAL. Standard dealer rules apply with the dealer peeking for blackjack when showing an Ace as well as drawing to a total of 16 and standing on 17. If the dealer has an Ace, players can make use of an insurance bet, which pays 2 to 1 if the dealer has blackjack.

Players can double on any two initial cards and they can split any pair of cards of the same value. Doubling after a split is allowed, unless you have split Aces, in which case you will only receive a single card for each newly-formed hand. If a 10 or face-card is dealt to a split Ace, the total of the hand is counted as 21 and not as blackjack.

The payout for blackjack is the standard 3 to 2 and the RTP of Blackjack by Capecod is 99.44%. The potential return, especially when players use the correct strategy, makes this blackjack version a great option for fans of the classic card game.

Capecod Roulette

Even though most of the games powered by this provider fall under the category of classic and video slots, Capecod has also added French Roulette to its portfolio. As the name of the game suggests, all roulette types of bets will be in French, however, any roulette fan will experience no trouble placing their betting chips on the right section. The interactive roulette table grid is displayed on the entire gaming screen, enabling easy betting by simply clicking/tapping on the number or group of numbers you like.

As soon as you have placed your bets, you can press the spin button, which will reveal a huge single-zero roulette wheel on the screen. As the roulette ball spins, it will eventually settle in a socket, with the corresponding number being displayed in a huge box on the screen. This Capecod game is a variation of European roulette, which means you will have a standard house edge of 2.7%, with all bets offering standard payouts.

Unfortunately, there is no racetrack for special call bets, leaving players to manually pick any number combinations for their bets. That said, the game is easy and fun to play, offering roulette fans a rather enjoyable casino experience. What is more, since French Roulette is an HTML5 game, it has been adapted to run smoothly on both desktop and mobile platforms.